The Great Gift of Literacy

Few students consider literacy as anything more than a subject they must struggle to master, but mastering it well enough to read what they want is truly a gift when seen at the correct angles. Parents have been urged for years to read to their children, and they are giving them the gift of a story as well as time with them. For children, learning a story well is a way to help stimulate their imagination, and they often act out the parts of their favourite characters. Learning to read is truly a gift because it gives in so many different ways.

Literacy Begins at Home

When a child is born today, many parents are eager to find books to read to their children. Giving expectant parents books appropriate for small children has become fashionable in some social circles, and parents look forward to the opportunity to share these stories with their children. It is time they can spend together, but it is a good way to introduce children to reading. Many of those who have parents read to them tend to be eager to learn how to read so they can choose their own books and stories.

Traveling the Universe

One of the beauties of books is that stories can take a reader many places, and it can be right next door or the far end of the universe. Children and adults can lose themselves in a story, and a good author can take them on the trip of a lifetime with characters that seem real. There are non-fiction books that can also transport their readers to other times and places, and history can come alive for those interested in the subject. Places that are far away can be brought into the home when described well, and the gift of travel without leaving home is one that has sustained many people throughout the years.

Literacy Education

Teaching children to read is a long process, but it is one that will culminate in their ability to understand many subjects on their own. Rather than having a teacher feed them the information, students who can read have the ability to explore a subject on their own. History, geography, science and religion are just a few of the subjects where a student who reads well will benefit. Even mathematics uses word problems, so it requires the ability to read.

Lessons in Reading

Students often struggle when they first learn to read, and falling behind the class can be an issue for some of them. Teachers have many different ways to get their subject across, but adding even one or two more tools to their lesson plan can make a huge difference for their students. In English KS2 Powerpoints classes, visual presentations are often an effective way to help capture the attention of all students, and Primary Teaching Resources has packages available for this reason.

While it can be a struggle for young students to learn to read, it is a worthwhile endeavour that will remain with them for life. Their ability to read will take them many places, or it can help them learn other subjects on their own. The gift of reading is a vehicle that can take them in almost any direction in life.